We are husband-and-wife family therapists who specialize in working with relationship issues. We are both licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
practicing in Folsom, CA. We work separately with individuals and as a co-therapist team with couples and families.

     When we work with couples or singles we identify concerns that may be adversely impacting their relationship(s) and explore with them potential solutions. We then help each person develop essential skills, such as:

  • Managing conflict and anger

  • Communicating effectively

  • Clarifying boundaries

  • Achieving a satisfying sex life

  • Balancing power and control

  • Expressing appreciation and affection.

     Our intention in our work is to facilitate a journey of self discovery, through focused dialogue, one to one or among the four of us. Our goal is to convert conflict into understanding and compassion. Having both a man and a woman therapist present helps to accomplish this. It provides the safety, comfort and support of both male and female viewpoints. Further, we offer the option of Fred working individually with the man, and Colene working individually with the woman.

     We offer premarital and parental counseling, sex therapy and assistance with cultural differences. Other situations we work with include stepfamily challenges, multigenerational issues, grief and loss, and loneliness.

Colene Sawyer Schlaepfer, M.F.T. (California Marriage and Family Therapist license #8925)

"With a Masters degree in counseling and a PhD in family therapy, I have been in practice for thirty years—and I do enjoy my work! I have worked with couples, parents, families and children at various stages of life.

It has been satisfying to publish two books plus creating a course. See www.fishingbymoonlight.com for information about the latest book, and www.betterrelationshipcourse.com for information about the course inspired by the book.>/p>

I have been active in professional groups in various areas where I have had private practices, including Los Angeles, San Jose and now Folsom, California, serving on the boards of the Santa Clara and Sacramento chapters of Calif. Marriage and Family Therapists, and also on the state board of that organization. The International Family Therapy Association has given Fred and me some fascinating experiences. I helped in the organization of the Relationship Skills Center in Sacramento. Currently we are both active in our local Folsom Therapists group"

Fred Schlaepfer, M.F.T. (California Marriage and Family Therapist license #33930)

"My MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and Masters in counseling from San Jose State has helped me identify problems of the workplace and home which impact on couple relationships. In my 20 years of therapy practice, I have found my strengths as a patient, sympathetic questioner with adroit listening and acknowledgement skills facilitate useful client insights that produce healthier subsequent behavior. We like to teach and role model excellent communication skills.

I have served on the boards of the Santa Clara Valley and Sacramento chapters of CAMFT. (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.) Colene and I are listed on the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapist"

To Contact Us:

     Because we feel the choice of a therapist is important, we believe prospective clients should have an opportunity to get to know us. Therefore, we offer a free one-half hour introductory session.

     We offer, periodically, a one-day workshop based on Colene's book and a six week class on couple skills.

     Both of us look forward to answering your questions or making an appointment by phone 916-294-0836 or email, Fred and Colene Schlaepfer